01. electrically operated dental chair with Zero function.

02. Chair mount with 3 modular systems with hanging cords with Ceramic Spittoon.

03. Chair mounts with 1 Airrotar, Micro motor provision, 3 way syringe.

04. Operating light with 2 intensity.

05. . Chair side spittoon and tumbler water connection operated with feather touch switches.

06. Common single foot control for both Airrotar and Micro motor.

07. X- Ray viewer and transparent water booster with regulator.

08. Pneumatically operated high and low vacuum section with direct drain system.

09. Joy sticks foot control for chair up and down, back/front movements.

10. Pneumatically operated doctor stool.

11. All cushions like upholstery and operated stool made by PU molded foam.

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