Super Deluxe Electrical Dental Chair

01. Electrically operated dental chair with Zero function.

02. Chair mount with 3 modular systems with hanging cords with Ceramic Spittoon.

03. Chair mounts with 1 Airrotar, Micro motor provision, 3 way syringe.

04. Operating light with 2 intensity.

05. Chair side spittoon and tumbler water connection operated with feather touch switches.

06. Common single foot control for both Airrotar and Micro motor.

07. X- Ray viewer and transparent water booster with regulator.

08. Pneumatically operated high and low vacuum section.

09. Joy sticks foot control for chair up and down, back/front movements.

10. Pneumatically operated doctor stool.

11. All cushions like upholstery and operated stool made by PU molded foam.

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